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The R&D Group, Inc.

The R&D Group Inc. is one of the most technically advanced design and engineering suppliers for the rapid prototyping and manufacturing industry. In addition to design and engineering, we offer rapid prototypes, fixturing and tooling. Companies often use a rapid prototyping service bureau instead of purchasing their own equipment because of the high cost of ownership and because the systems still require a very high level of technical expertise in order to reliably produce accurate parts.

The R&D Group, has been able to thrive in this environment primarily due to our engineers in-depth knowledge of Solid Modeling, CAD/CAM, FEA, CNC, molding and molding technologies.

The R&D Group has a number of competitive advantages in providing sales, software development, rapid prototyping and manufacturing services. Our operating costs are much lower due to the acquisition of state of the art technologies, development of in-house software as well as top software technologies that improves system capabilities and throughput.



The R&D Group offers customization and rendering of objects in a 3D form from simple 2D data or images. Customized or personalized forms and objects, can be rendered and molded in many medias. From plaster to marbles or metal or plastics, our high end machinery and software are able to customize your ideas in a fully 3D solid model.


The R&D Group main corporate office is in Coconut Creek, Florida, housing the prototype design and engineering, sales and support operations. Our manufacturing and prototyping facility is in Pompano Beach, Florida.

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